I’ve posted about John Luther Adams’ Inuksuit before. An epic composition for nine to ninety-nine percussionists, which the New York Times called “the ultimate environmental piece," I have had the opportunity to perform the piece on four occasions (including the US premiere back in 2010). I also jumped at the opportunity to record the piece, which is soon to be released on Cantaloupe Music. From the labels website:

Available for the first time on CD and surround-sound DVD October 29!

Includes the bonus documentary film Strange and Sacred Noise, directed by Len Kamerling.

Recorded with 34 percussionists in the forest surrounding Guilford Sound in Vermont, the official release of Inuksuit has been more than three years in the making, and represents composer John Luther Adams' ultimate vision for presenting this complex and engaging piece. "I think we succeeded in making this recording a real experience," Adams observes. "It's a complete experience for someone who hasn't been to a live performance of Inuksuit, but for someone who already knows the piece, I think it gives them another shot at it, or a different take on it."

Inuksuit was produced by Doug Perkins, a founding member of the feverishly inventive So Percussion ensemble and a prolific composer in his own right. "Doug really created an ideal set of circumstances for us to make this the 'official' recording of Inuksuit," Adams says. "It's a beautiful sounding of the strong sense of community that has grown up around the piece. That's something I wasn’t prepared for, and I’m glad to be able to give some of that back."

Cantaloupe posted a sample on their Soundcloud page that can also be streamed below:

There are also two short films that document the recording over on Vimeo: