0.1. (2010)

0.1. (2010) is an immersive fulldome animated film exploring the evolution of human perception by Diana Reichenbach. As digital interactions become closely integrated with tangible reality, a hybrid environment is formed.

Originally designed to imitate star-gazing, the fulldome (planetarium) theater relaxes a viewer into an immersive state of learning; connecting the viewer perceptually with the universe and the natural world. 0.1. is a film exploring our interpretation of the world through our physical senses and how we have come to understand nature through our interaction with digital media. The planetarium’s ‘natural’ portrayal can trick our senses into a suspension of disbelief, where we can no longer discern the digital replication of nature with what we experience when we are physically there.

The video below is a distorted fisheye representation of the film, which becomes immersive when projected onto a dome-shaped (planetarium) theater.

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