Concertante (2011)

Concertante (2011) is a solo for multi-percussion and fixed media playback.

A concertante is an Italian musical term which generally signifies music that is soloistic but with a contrasting, accompanying element of some kind. In other words, it is a word that describes a piece that is somewhat concerto-like. To this extent, Concertante is very much an ensemble piece. The acoustic percussion playing is often featured but there are opportunities for the performer to blend with the electronics or to completely step out of the way.

An accurate performance requires a 2.1 speaker set-up. The electro-acoustic counterpart contains extremely low frequencies that can only be heard when using a sub-woofer. There is also a great deal of stereo imaging throughout.

Concertante was premiered on September 8, 2011 at the Accidental Music Festival in Orlando, FL. The below audio recording and video performance is from the premiere. Slight changes have been made since this performance.

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