The Vibra-Kit is a combination vibraphone and drum set. Both instruments are synonymous with improvisation and spontaneity and this instrument combination has been the central playground of my creativity for the past few years. Improvisation and drum set were how I began my life as a musician and exploring this setup has allowed me to go back to my roots.

I started experimenting with this setup as I worked on my Northbound project in 2015 and 2016. Images from the premiere performance of this instrumentation can be seen below:

During the summer of 2020, I made further developments to the setup by lowering the vibraphone 5-inches and adding pick-ups to electronically amplify and create effects processing.

This upgraded setup is the one I used for the solo Peregrination project that I created and premiered in 2020. Here are images of that setup taken at the Atlantic Center for the Arts:

I did a video tour of the setup while at ACA in 2020:

I also perform the vibra-kit setup in the five-piece mixed ensemble that I perform with, ANSWERS.