Withhold (2018)

Withhold (2018), a piece from my Lines series, is a work for solo snare drum with fixed media playback. It also includes a performance option to add a live percussion quartet of tuned metals. It was composed in 2018 at the request of Korry Friend. The Lines pieces are based on a series of rhythmic “duration lines,” which are used to create both structure and polyrhythmic interest (see the following page for more details).

The playback accompaniment comes from a piece I wrote for tuned metals in 2011 called Withheld. The live quartet parts could be added as an option to include additional musicians in the performance of Withhold. My original intention was to have it performed with tuned steel or aluminum pipes, but it could also be performed with an assortment of tuned metals (crotales, glockenspiel, vibraphone, chimes, celeste, bell plates, gongs, etc…). It was composed with the pipe pitches used for David Lang’s second movement of The So-Called Laws of Nature in mind.

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Korry recorded and released a video performance of Withhold, which can be viewed here: