Analogue vibraphone and drum kit combined to be digitized using modern technology.

An intimate journey through visual and sonic landscapes. A multimedia collaborative work with Chris Brannan and Diana Reichenbach.

A musical journey through Orlando on SunRail. A collaboration with the Transit Interpretation Project (TrIP).

A live immersive musical experience. A collaboration with visual artist Diana Reichenbach.

Commissioning Projects
As an advocate for new music, I am currently collaborating with contemporary composers and colleagues to create new works, specifically for percussion instruments.

Buch der Räume und Zeiten by Jürg Frey
Jürg Frey’s Buch der Räume und Zeiten (Book of Spaces and Times) is written for two players who choose from 23 different parts for a performance. This yields 253 possible combinations for the piece.

Cage Percussion Players
Looking backward in order to move forward with the percussion ensemble genre.

Vignettes for Solo Percussion
A unique set of “collage” designed percussion recitals.

Gearbox Transmission
Shifting gears on the marimba.